Sunday, April 24, 2011


It is very important to developing good studying habits. Find a place where you know you will go there and get work done. Some advice would be get out of your room if you want to study. There are so many distractions in your room and sometimes before you know it time would have just flew by and you have hardly anything done. Also find a good studying partner even if you guys aren't studying the same thing but you still get together to do work. That way you can push each other to keep working and sometimes it is just nice to have a little company!


Make you sure you make good relationships with your professors, because they are the ones that will be writing your recommendation letters when it comes to graduate school and these are very important. If you have a couple professors that really like you or know you well they will give you pretty decent letters but if you are not close to any of your professors you will get basic and generic letters, that usually only talk about your performance in class rather than you as a person.

Greek Life

Now greek life in the movies is very exagerated! There is now hazing alound in schools so that part is false and different greek soroities and phaternities do have rivals sometimes but not to the extent as they do in movies. If you are into being social and getting involved going greek would be a great thing to add to your list of activities. You get to know a great group of people you get to share a bond with unlike any other. I'm not saying everybody likes everybody in the groups but everybody gets along and can always have a great time together. It is a commitment and there is a fee to be part of the group but looking back on my college career I am so happy that I joined Alpha Sigma Alpha!

have fun

I know many of my posts are very future orientated, because that is a very import aspect of you undergraduate career is doing well in order to go far! But another important thing is to enjoy yourself. In undergrad is where you make some of your life long friends. So go hang out with the girls, go to a party and be social (this doesn't mean you have to drink, because you do not have to drink to have fun), go catch a game of soccer (I only say this because this is the sport I play now in college), or make a run to a local pit stop! This is the time of your life that you will never get back so make the most of it!

get involved

Getting involved is a great way to make so many new friends and different people outside of your little group of friends. On top of making friends it will look great on future resumes, because the more involved someone is the more well rounded you as an individual can be and you are able to manage your time and just be a good student. In the clubs and organizations that you do get involved in take a leadership roles and run for positions because leadership is always a good thing to show you have on resumes.

Time Management

Time management is a very important thing to learn for yourself through out your college career. Poor time management will only lead to disorganization and possibly even poor grades. A suggestion would be to keep an agenda of some kind or even a master calendar in your room. Also part of time management make sure you try and check you email frequently throughout the day and especially before you go to your morning classes because some teachers are know for sending a quick email right before class to tell you that it is cancelled, this way instead of walking all the way to class to find this out you can immediately get right back into bed!

dorm life

Freshman are sometimes stuck in the not so good rooms to begin with, but I have one suggestion, make the best out of it. You will realize that you are hardly in your room that often anyways especially if you go get yourself involved on campus. Also make sure you pick or get along with your roommate because that could make or break your entire living experience. You form a different relationship, sometimes, with your roommate pretty much because you are living with them, so make it a good one. Another important suggestion and mind you this is coming from an RA keep your door open and be social with the other people around you. It only makes for a great atmosphere on the floor.